Search History

This is what happens when you choose to write out of your depth. The following is an excerpt of what my search history has been like the last three days:

  • avoiding abelist tropes
  • handicap in sports
  • shit in army slang
  • stages of reintegration after deployment
  • 9 line medevac army
  • helicopter floor name (uh, it’s apparently just the floor)
  • at what age do women wear burqa
  • burqa color Kandahar
  • mortar injury description
  • diagnosing blast lung
  • hemorrhagic shock
  • smoke machine
  • FOB Pasab
  • changing what a button does on Chromebook (goodbye search, hello caps-lock!)
  • what is it like to perform CPR
  • how to call time of death
  • army pat down procedures
  • narrowing vision
  • when does a soldier eat MREs
  • hh-60m blackhawk specifications
  • onboard vs on board
  • the fog of war

“A Hero’s Journey” has been submitted, coming in at 1134 words—well under the 2000 word max—and a half hour early. Now to shower and sleep soundly for the first time in 72 hours.