I won a poetry contest in 7th grade, and the hubris hasn’t worn off. 

The year was 1993-ish. I was 13 and in the 7th grade. Ms. Brice, my Science teacher, was making us all enter a state-wide “Drugs are a Drag” contest, and we could choose to make a poster or write a poem. I hated drawing, so I wrote the poem.

And the poem won.

I was hooked. I joined my high school student newspaper, provided commentary for the local city paper, wrote for and took over my university’s paper, and even landed a byline in the Washington Post.

September 11, 2001 changed journalism (ask me how sometime), and I transitioned to radio. There are three types of people in radio: the first type is the consummate pro who has found his or her true calling; the second type is the college kid interning or there for the experience; the third type is the second type who thinks they’re the first type but just got old. I did not want to become a Type Three, so back to college for a new path.

I have my MA with a Gifted and Talented license endorsement. I have been a teacher for 13 years and currently teach middle school. Among other things, I created a Journalism elective, publishing the first and only student-run news source for our school district. I also sponsor the after-school Creative Writing Club. I don’t use a bullhorn or cattle prod, and the kids actually like me. Most of the time.

Praise for Kate

“A Hero’s Journey”
NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2019

3rd place, Round 2

“Great voice throughout—we really get a feel for the main character and his attitude. The Ordinary World section really draws me into the story from the first words. Amazingly powerful story.”
– Judge 1899

“This story evokes much emotion. The staccato prose style is effective. The curt ending has a strong sense of resolution and is memorable.”
– Judge 1504

“The methodical nature of this narrative lent itself nicely to how the main character is connected yet disconnected to the life he’s living.”
– Judge 1739

“Yerazu and the Cockroach”
NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2019
2nd place, Round 1

“Wow! What an amazing story. You have an incredible voice, and the story is crafted masterfully. Your word choices are precise, and your sentences beautifully balanced. I was enthralled from start to finish.”
– Judge 1943

“You’ve created a very compelling story of love, shame and desire. This dripped of the tragic nature of some fairy tales. It was moving and made the reader really feel for Yerazu.”
– Judge 1774

Additional Praise

“You write like fireworks, and I want to clone you.”
– My university newspaper editor

“Your work is like a literary version of The Oatmeal.”
– The poor guy who teaches next door to me

“Will you edit my doctoral thesis?”
– My principal

“Yeah, it’s fine.”
– My best friend